5v5 Basketball (Fall)

3v35v5 Basketball is back by popular demand! Co-ed teams must have at least 2 of each gender on the court.

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Registration ends: 9/26

Season Starts: 10/5 
When: Wednesday nights
Where: Soiland Recreation Center

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Rules & Regulations

 3-on-3 Basketball Rules

-Beginning Possession: Captains will rock-paper-scissor or shoot for the first possession of the very first game. In the games following, first possession will be given to the team who has lost the previous game. The initial possession, as well as each time after a basket, must begin by passing the ball to a teammate.

-Results: After the finish of each game, captains from both teams will need to report back and confirm the score of each individual game. Once the matchup is completed and one team has achieved two wins, both captains will confirm the score and final result of the matchup.  

-Scoring: Points will be scored by values of 1’s and 2’s. Anything inside the 3-point line will be awarded 1 point, anything behind (not touching) the 3 point line will be awarded 2 points. Score will be kept by the teams who are playing.

-Number of games: Each matchup between the two teams will consist of a best of three games series. Each game will be played to 11 and the first team to win 2 games will win the matchup.

-Game Time: Each game in the best of three series will have a time limit of 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes time limit has expired, whichever team has the lead will win the game. If the game is tied, the next team to score will win the game.

-Fouls: Fouls during the game will be called by the players on the court. The player on offense will make the call on the defense when they believe it to be a foul. All fouls, shooting or not, will result in return of possession to the offense at the top of the 3 point line. Defensive players are also able to call fouls on the offense, which will then result in a change of possession. No free throws will be awarded for shooting fouls. A player will “foul out” of an individual game in the series of three if they receive 4 fouls. Once a player receives 4 fouls, they will not be allowed to come back into that particular game. If there are only 3 people on a roster then the team must play down a player with only two on the court. If a player fouls out of any of the three games with 4 fouls, they will be allowed to compete in the following games. The fouls will restart after each game in the series of three. If a foul is disputed, then it will be settled by “shooting” to either confirm or deny the original call.

-Tie Breakers: If needed, a third game will be played if the first two games are split victories. In all games played, it will be a ‘win by two” game to 11. If teams continue to trade scores after 11, it then becomes first to 15. So it will be win by two to 11 or first to 15.

-Ball After A Basket: The games will be played with the “winners” rule. If a team scores, that team will then receive the ball in the next possession after their basket. The only exception to this will be on a game point. So if a team has 9 points and they score a basket good for 1, and their total increased to 10, then it will no longer be “winners” and the ball will be returned to the team previously scored on.

-Clearing the ball: Each time the ball changes possessions of the teams, it must be cleared outside at any point behind the 3 point line. If a team receives a defensive rebound then they must clear the ball behind the three point line. However, if the offensive team receives an offensive rebound they may score the ball again without clearing it. All steals must be cleared as well.

-Timeouts: Each team will be allowed 2 timeouts throughout the entire best of three series. A team may use them at any point throughout all of the games. If a matchup between two teams continues into a third game for a tie-breaker, there will be a short water break before the final game.

-Substitutions: Substitutions may take place at any point in time when there is a dead ball. Which includes out of bounds, fouls, and after points have been scored.