Suite Selection FAQs

On what basis are selection times given?

Selection times are awarded based on class standing. In other words, it is based on the total number of units completed, plus the units that a student has in progress (is currently registered for). Credits for future terms are not counted. If selecting with a roommate group, the group's selection time will be based on an average number of credits between all group members.

My credits/class standing are incorrect, what do I do?

Our data feeds in directly from the Registrar. If you have concerns about your total unit count, please verify with your Academic Advisor.

Can I edit my Roommate Group/Group Leader? For how Long?

Yes! Changes to roommate groups can be made in the Housing Portal during the suite selection process. To add in a new roommate, you can search for a roommate by their username or can use roommate matching criteria to find a roommate who has similar living habits as you.

Can I remove someone from my group? After selection?

Yes, you can remove a group member before your selection time by following the steps listed in question #3. If you wish to remove a group member after Suite Selection, that group member needs to email and express their desire to leave the group. They will be placed on a waitlist and Res Life staff will work to move them to a different space. 

How do I view my room choice after selecting?

After Suite Selection your housing assignment will appear on your Housing Portal home screen. 

When are selections considered final and posted to my Residence home screen?

Final assignments for 2024-2025 will be posted on MyCLU on August 1, 2024.

Where/when can I view my roommates?

Roommates will be posted on MyCLU on August 1, 2024. You will also be able to see your room assignment and roommate information on your MyCLU portal after this date. 

Will Living-Learning Community acceptances be announced before suite selection?

Individuals will be notified by email of their acceptance into LLCs ! Students accepted into LLCs do not need to participate in Suite Selection. 

What if my desired hall is not available when it is my turn to select?

Please select a suite when it is your turn. If you are unsatisfied with your selection please complete the Room Change Request Form on your Housing Portal after May 1st  to be placed on the fall housing waitlist. Room changes are not guaranteed and are based on res hall availability and class standing.