Moving In

Moving Day

All first year undergraduate students will move into their residence hall in advance of returning students. For specific dates and times please see schedule for your New Student Orientation.

For returning students, please check Important Dates for information.

Check-In to the Hall

In order to check-in to your assigned residence hall, students must have first checked-in with the new student orientation staff. Traffic and parking congestion are a natural by-product of move-in, so please be patient. Also, expect to wait in line as you check-in.

Each hall will have its own system for checking in students on opening day. RA staffs and Peer Advisors will be present to help you through the check-in process and help you move in. Each student will be required to fill out the Residence Hall Check-In form online. After you have checked in with your hall staff, then you may begin moving belongings into your new home. Due to hall preparations, students may not move in early.

Check-In Online