For Faculty

General advising questions

For questions regarding Core-21 or graduation requirements, please contact us or an evaluator in the Registrar's Office.

Refer students

Refer struggling students to us for assistance with study skills, time management, and tutoring information.

Change of Faculty Advisor

Students can request to change their faculty advisor by submitting the form found here.

Classroom presentations

If your class could use information about notetaking, study skills or stress management, we can give a presentation to your students. We have several presentations prepared.

Classroom presentations can be arranged with advance notice. Contact us for more information.

Academic Difficulty Notices

These notify students whose academic performance in a course is C- or below. The request for faculty reports occurs approximately one month after the semester begins and remains open until the last day to withdraw with a grade of "W" from a course.

Detailed instructions will be sent in the Faculty Weekly from the Provost's Office each semester.

STAR Program

Students Taking Academic Responsibility (STAR) is designed to help struggling students get back on track.

We work with students in the program one-on-one each week to make sure they are:

  • Attending class
  • Turning in assignments
  • Getting any needed tutoring in order to succeed

We also track their academic progress throughout the semester.

Who must be a part of the program:
  • Students on academic probation
  • Students who were conditionally admitted to the university

Syllabus statement regarding students with disabilities

The following statement should be included in every course syllabus. It has been approved by Provost Neilson.

California Lutheran University is committed to providing reasonable aids and services to students with disabilities in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and ADA of 1990 with its Amendments. Students can request needed accommodations for this course, or other settings on campus, by registering with Disability Support Services (DSS). DSS is located in the Academic Services building, and can be contacted at (805) 493-3464 or