Become who you are — it's more than just your job.

Inspirational Sources

This list of sources includes stories about becoming who you are while living out your vocation and purpose. Take time to pause and reflect on musings from others' inspirational journeys. 

Articles and Blogs


All Books Available for Check-out by Faculty, Staff, and Students in the Career Services Library.

  • Let Your Life Speak by Parker J. Palmer
    A compassionate and compelling meditation on discovering your path in life, featuring multiple pieces of reflection on purpose.


  • The Treasure Hunt of Your Life: Seeking Your Calling, Encountering God, Finding Yourself by Rebecca Schlatter
    A musing on the search for personal meaning as an inspiring adventure filled with passion, significance, and abundant life.
  • The Fabric of this World by Lee Hardy
    An in-depth historical, philosophical, theological--and practical--exploration of work from an evangelical perspective.