Becoming who you are. Cultivating what you do.

Zig Zag Paths

Many career paths are not linear or flawless. They are complex and unpredictable. Envision your career as a winding road with many bumps along the way where reflection and discernment are critical.

Winding Road

Below you will find different career path scenarios based on real situations and real people. Their interests are listed first in order to show multiple identities, skills, limitations, or values that are useful to explore when trying to find a career that will suit you at various times in your life.

At Cal Lutheran, if you discover a passion that utilizes your natural abilities and strengths and you are helping the world while doing this (even if it is in some small way) we call that vocation.

Johnny's Journey

Interests: Sports, Travel, Environmental Issues, and Video Games

Erica’s Exploration

Interests: Science, Writing, Social Justice, Religion

Roberto’s Road

Interests: Business, Food, Photography/Videography, and Fitness