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The ALLIES in STEM Center can connect you with subject specific tutoring in any STEM discipline. Most departments offer drop-in hours, with a few tutors open for one-on-one appointments as well.

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Peer Tutors
Javier Berjon
Javier B.

I am a junior majoring in Physics. I plan to go to grad school afterwards. I am also a DA for the physics department.

In my leisure time I play guitar and read fiction novels. I will be happy to support you throughout your STEM endeavors.

Tutoring Subject: Math and Physics

Kirsten Rock
Kirsten R.

I am majoring in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Tutoring Subject: Organic Chemistry
Gio Flores
Giovanni F.

I am majoring in Computer Science and currently work for the Computer Science Department as a DA.

Tutoring Subject: Computer Science

Joanna Portillo
Joanna P.

I am majoring in Biology

Tutoring Subject: Biology

Jordyn Yokoyama
Jordyn Y.

I am majoring in Biology

Tutoring Subject: Organic Chemistry
Phan Thuy Tien Vu
Phan Thuy T.

I am majoring in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Tutoring Subject: Chemistry / Math

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