May 15-16, 2020

Diploma and Transcripts

When will I receive my diploma?

At Commencement you will receive a certificate of congratulations. The actual diploma will be mailed to May candidates in August after spring grades and degree completion have been posted. Diplomas for August candidates are processed in the fall, and for December candidates in the spring after degrees are processed. The degree, degree completion date, major(s) and graduation honors (based on final semester records) are printed on the diploma.

A complimentary official transcript will be sent to you once the degree has been recorded. Transcripts for mid-year graduates are available 4-5 weeks following the end of the fall term.

If you have a change of address, Academic Services immediately.

How can I order future transcripts?

Log into TRANSCRIPTS to place a transcript order/request.

Degree Verification

California Lutheran University's FERPA policy allows university employees to release Directory Information to anyone, including Scholarship donors, but we will not release information on students in bulk for commercial purposes (credit card agencies, etc.). 

The items defined as Directory Information at California Lutheran University are:

  • Name (includes Preferred First Name)
  • Address (City and State only)
  • E-mail address (California Lutheran University assigned only)
  • Birth Date (date of birth is only released to official agencies as required for matching student records or as a validation of positive identification of a student when furnished by a person making an inquiry)
  • Photographs and video recordings of students are permitted if there is not personally identifying information of the class or of the students in the class
  • Dates of attendance
  • Degree date
  • Degrees awarded or anticipated; with honors and major
  • Previous institution most recently attended (generally speaking released for athletes only)
  • Participation in recognized campus activities or sports
  • Height and weight of members of athletic teams

You have the right to have Directory Information withheld completely. This means we will not release any information from your education records, including the items listed above, without your prior written consent. If you withhold directory information, your name will not appear in the student directory. To request Directory Information be withheld, complete a “Request to Opt Out of Directory Information” form and file it with Academic Services. The form is in effect through the end of an academic year; it must be re-filed annually.

Other Record Information

If you have further questions regarding your student records, visit Academic Services or call them at (805) 493-3105.