May 15-16, 2020

Undergraduate Students

8 to Graduate!

To ensure a smooth Senior Year we would like to bring to your attention 8 Key Tasks and Dates:

  1. APPLY TO GRADUATE AND PAY THE FEE (SEE #6!) Log into CASHNET to pay the graduation fee.
  2. September through November - Senior Audit, Preliminary Spring Registration and Advising with Faculty Advisor.
  3. October 1 - May and August graduates: Priority Deadlines for May Graduation.
  4. November 29, by 5pm - Deadline to Submit Signed Degree Completion Agreement and Needed Forms to Avoid Registration Being Dropped.
  5. February 3 - Commencement Tickets Available
  6. March 15 - Last Day to Apply to Participate in Commencement Ceremony and Be Included in Program. 
  7. March 27 - Last Day to Claim Tickets; Last Day to Submit any Commencement Related Forms (Including any Changes to Name in Program). 
  8. April 15 - Ticket Appeal Deadline.

2020 UG Commencement Schedule at a Glance

Friday, May 15

5:00PM - Baccalaureate

Saturday, May 16 - Undergraduate Commencement

8:00AM - Gates Open
9:00AM - Student Line-Up
10:00AM - Commencement Begins