Domain Name Policy

POLICY TITLE:    Domain Name Policy

APPROVED DATE: July 29, 2007
REVISION DATE: January 9, 2024


Policy Statement

California Lutheran University (CLU) requires the central recording and management of all domains representing CLU by ITS, and the registration of those names in compliance within University policy parameters. Individuals, departments or offices are not authorized to register a domain on behalf of Cal Lutheran.

Reason for Policy

Domain names are part of the identity of the university, representing the university on the Internet.Further, content on web sites under a domain are the intellectual property of Cal Lutheran. Proper management of domain names associated with Cal Lutheran need to be centrally managed by ITS to ensure continuity of associated services (e.g. after the separation of registrant from the university). As such, must be one of the named registrants for each domain owned by Cal Lutheran.


The Domain Name System (DNS) is an Internet-wide distributed database of names translating Internet Protocol (IP) addresses into easily memorable names. It is also a tool for locating services since many services are known by their domain name. For example, the hostname "www" has come to be well known as the name of a system which provides web (HTTP) service, and the domain name "" is thus known as the primary web server address for Cal Lutheran.


The IP address is a 32-bit number, commonly represented as four 8-bit numbers separated by dots, used to identify a host on the Internet.  The IP address is used by networks to route messages from one host to another. An example of an IP address on our campus network is, also known as

Domain Name System (DNS) is the method or scheme for associating names with an IP address and other data. The domain name system is not an authentication system, or an authorization system. The use of DNS or IP addressing as the basis for authentication or authorization is discouraged. DNS is also not a "white pages" directory. It contains information about computers and in some cases the services they provide. It does not reliably provide information about people.

A formal policy is necessary because:

  • Each domain name registration has an owner and cost associated with its purchase. Central management of domains maintains continuity of services owned and associated with Cal Lutheran.
  • Domain names are the intellectual property of Cal Lutheran, not individuals, departments or business units. Central management by ITS ensures management of the domain even when individuals terminate employment.
Policy Statement
  1. The principal domain name for Cal Lutheran is "". All services that are provided by members of Cal Lutheran community as part of their official functions and as part of the mission of the institution will be registered within domain.
  2. All online services that are not part of the core mission of the university must be registered outside domain according to the Implementation Requirements listed in this policy.
  3. Services provided by University affiliates (e.g., KCLU) may be registered under domain, or may be registered outside of domain.
  4. Other domain names may be allowed if there is a brand identity separate from Cal Lutheran (such as
  5. Existing domains that do not conform to this policy will be reviewed to bring them into conformity with this policy, including the conditions for exceptions described below, or to grant them "grandfathered" status, if that is most appropriate.
Implementation of the Policy
  1. Responsibility for implementing this policy will rest with the Information Technology and Services (ITS). To contact ITS about domain name administration issues, send an Email to
  2. Requests which are denied by ITS may be appealed to the Chief Information Officer.
  3. ITS will maintain the registration and renewal process for all domains used by the CLU. The registration and contact information will be carried out using best practices.
Implementation Requirements
DNS Standards Within the Domain

The format of DNS service entries is "":

  1. Cal Lutheran does not allow departmental subdomains; e.g.
  2. Departments approved for departmental servers, may choose the server name and host name following these provisions:
    1. Server and computer hostnames should not be trademarked or copyrighted terms.
    2. Server and computer hostnames must not be distasteful, obscene, or used to misrepresent their purpose.
    3. The hostname component of the domain name may reflect generally accepted practices, used by the Internet-at-large and provided by sites internationally, including www and ftp. For example, the "www" in
    4. The hostname component of the domain name may reflect the name of the service program or may follow a naming scheme within the department. For example, the "portfolio" in
DNS Requirements - Domains

Domain names outside may be allowed or required if all the following conditions are met.  Individuals, departments or business units are not allowed to register domains, regardless of funding source.

  1. The proposed name is not likely to be confused with the name of a Cal Lutheran department or unit.
  2. The proposed name signifies an organization, grant, or venture, commercial or noncommercial distinct of Cal Lutheran.
  3. The proposed name is a joint venture with another entity.
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