MyCLU Account Policies

Service Level Agreement

Cal Lutheran accounts are used for multiple purposes and are made available to students and University employees (all faculty, staff, administrators) for the purpose of conducting University-related learning and business activities. These accounts provide access to the MyCLU portal which includes access to e-mail, Self-Service, WebCT/Blackboard, WebLogs blogging system, wireless access, library resources, staff and student directories, and CLU news and information.

Requests for information about or changes to MyCLU accounts may be made on-line at the MyCLU portal home page. If you need further assistance, email or call the Help Desk at 805.493.3698. Individuals must verify their identity in person with a photo ID to acquire account information in order to protect security and privacy. Upon verification of an account holder's identify, changes will be made.

ITS staff will act on requests regarding an individual account within two working days (Monday thru Friday) under normal circumstances. Requests for groups of accounts may take longer, depending on the size of the group and nature of the request.

Each account holder is responsible for maintaining a current address and to provide accurate information as requested. (Students can change their mailing or residential address at Academic Services by using the Student Address change form within WebAdvisor. Faculty and staff should direct changes to the Human Resources department or use the Employee Address change form also available on WebAdvisor. ITS is responsible for making appropriate changes to the accounts and working with the account holder to insure the privacy, integrity and security of the account.

Additional information about MyCLU accounts is available at the ITS Policy webpage and the ITS Online Tools Page. (To find your account information, you may use the Account information look up page .)