Forward Together


We believe that education should not be limited to classrooms alone. The School of Management acknowledges the significance of travel as a tool for transformation and is dedicated to helping students enrich their educational experience by exploring beyond Thousand Oaks. We encourage students to travel and gain a global perspective by broadening their horizons, deepening their cultural understanding, and promoting personal growth. Our goal is to cultivate a sense of global citizenship in our students by fostering exploration, curiosity and preparing them to thrive in an interconnected world.


International Business Seminars (IBS)

Embark on a global journey, gain insights from accomplished business leaders, and earn academic credit from Cal Lutheran, all while positioning yourself competitively in your career. The International Business Seminars offer concise, faculty-led programs that span multiple destinations, providing students with immersive experiences in the diverse business, cultural, social, and political landscapes of each visited country. Participants not only accumulate Cal Lutheran credit but also have the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-world business scenarios. The programs vary in duration, lasting between ten to forty-two days, depending on the specific offering, and are scheduled during winter break or summer.

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Cal Lutheran Office of Education Abroad

The School of Management works closely with the Office of Education Abroad to offer international learning experiences outside the classroom. The center aims to empower our campus and serve as global leaders. 

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Cal Lutheran Center of Global Education

California Lutheran University's Center for Global Engagement (CGE) aims to cultivate intercultural perspectives and learning among students and faculty, inspiring them to become socially just and globally informed leaders both in and outside of the classroom.

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Business School on Rails

In December, 2023 about 40 graduate and undergraduate students attended, along with the Dean, faculty members John Garcia, Geoffrey Plourde, and Setayesh Sattari, and staff members Rosie Baker, Alejandra Castillo, and Pia Valtierra. We boarded a Metrolink train in Moorpark with the CEO of Metrolink, Darren Kettle. While on the train to Downtown Los Angeles, students learned about Metrolink and public transportation in Los Angeles and had a Q&A. In Downtown LA, we visited the Los Angeles Philharmonic, where students toured the Walt Disney Concert Hall and met with its CFO, Glen Briffa. Then they went to Bank of America for a meeting with Raul Anaya, the National President of Small Business Banking. Finally, after a short trip on Angels Flight and lunch at the Grand Central Market, the students went to Deloitte where they toured the office and engaged in a conversation with senior partners Trent Brown and Shazia Moola.

MPPA Destination Trips

Led by Dr. Sabith Khan, MPPA and MBA students have visited D.C. and Sacramento Policy Institutes, for a deep dive into American policymaking. These immersive programs offer firsthand insights into policy development in both the nation's capital and California's State Capital. Engage with influential institutions like the US Congress and Clearpath in D.C., and explore state-level policymaking dynamics in Sacramento. Under Dr. Khan's guidance, participants gain valuable experience and skills for navigating the complex landscapes of public policy and administration.