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Scholarships & Financial Aid

ScholarshipsThe School of Management at California Lutheran University is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging future leaders of color worldwide and empowering people(s) of color to change the world. This scholarship is a commitment to always recognize this underserved community by providing an educational opportunity.


People of Color(s) Scholarship

Launched in January 2023, the scholarship has been awarded to two inaugural recipients. In January 2024, the scholarship will be awarded to three students. Each year, the number of scholarships awarded and their amounts vary depending on the funds raised. The graduate scholarship is designed to help support minority students in their education at the School of Management.

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Community Scholars for Black Lives Scholarship

Cal Lutheran created the Community Scholars for Black Lives Fellowship Program to empower students to work in tandem with community leaders and create conditions for Black lives to flourish. Through the Community Scholars for Black Lives Fellowship Program, a small cohort of Cal Lutheran students will be engaged in work that embodies progress toward a just society in which African Americans do not bear the brunt of racist structures and systems. The program features scholarship, mentorship and community engagement.

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Scholarships for International Students

At the School of Management, we are committed to providing comprehensive support for international students. We recognize that they face unique challenges in adapting to a new academic and cultural environment. Therefore, we are dedicated to fostering inclusivity and ensuring the success of every student. To achieve this goal, we have provided a link for international students to explore scholarships and grants that can support their education at Cal Lutheran.

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CLU Financial Aid

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