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Bringing interesting topics and people to our global community of students, alumni, and leaders in business and government to empower, educate and inspire. 

In each webinar we will bring experts from industry to our community with the purpose of sparking thought, connecting people, and stimulating engaging discussions.

Next in the 2021-2022 webinar series:
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Ethical Finance and Handling Crises - examples from Islamic financial institutions in Asia and Middle East

Thursday, February 17, 2022


We invited Saif Khan, Account Director at Cognizant Technology in Saudi Arabia, to be our next speaker in our Forward Together webinar series. 

Watch to learn about:

  • ethical financial practices 
  • why appreciate the need for alternative financial systems 
  • existing models of growth and understand how Islamic finance works

After his presentation, Saif answered questions moderated by Gerhard Apfelthaler, Dean of the School of Management.


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