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Faculty Awards

School of Management Advisory Council Awards for Outstanding Achievements

Annually, the School of Management Advisory Council honors three most outstanding faculty colleagues for their achievements in three categories – Teaching, Research, and Service – based on a rigorous nomination and selection process. We are proud of our faculty who always give their best!

2022 Award Recipients

Dazhi Chong




Dazhi Chong

Associate Professor, Business Administration

Dazhi Chong is the recipient of the 2022 School of Management Advisory Council Award for Oustanding Performance in the area of Research. Prof. Chong joined the School of Management in 2016 as an Assistant Professor. Since then, he has professed in teaching courses - mostly at the graduate level - and has developed a steady output of scholarly articles in journals such as the Journal of Management Analytics, Information Discovery and Delivery, or the Journal for Industrial Integration and Management as well as presentations at conferences such as the Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems, the Workshop on Database and Datamining, or the Workshop on eBusiness.Along with an established track record in service to the School of Management and the university, his performance in the classroom and as a researcher recently earned him a promotion to the rank of Associate Professor.

Susan Murphy




Matthew Fienup

Executive Director, Center for Economic Research & Forecasting; Associate Professor, Economics

Matthew Fienup is the recipient of the 2022 School of Management Advisory Council Award for Oustanding Performance in the area of Service. Professor Fineup has been serving School of Management not only with outstanding teaching in both our undergraduate and graduate programs, but in very impactful ways that make us shine in regional and national arenas. As the Executive Director of the Center for Economic Research and Forecasting (CERF), Professor Fienup provides current and most accurate information about the status and the future of the local, state, and national economies. His forecasting work has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal (where CERF, as one of only six academic institutions nationwide, is a member on the panel of economic forecasters) and the National Association of Business Economists. He has also pioneered widely lauded research on the Latino cohort’s contribution to the U.S. economy, select state economies and metro areas around the country. At CERF, Professor Fienup has developed a functioning model for a community-based groundwater exchange, and – among others – he is helping to address the housing crisis in our region through his involvement in a housing land trust. His activities and achievements have elevated the standing of the School of Management and has extended the reach of our brand far outside our traditional geography.

Susan Murphy




Susan Murphy

Professor, Business Administration

Susan Murphy is the recipient of the 2022 School of Management Advisory Council Award for Oustanding Performance in the area of Teaching. Helping students to learn and acquire knowledge, skills and abilities has always been at the core of Professor Murphy’s commitment to the profession, and she excels in it. Over the years, hundreds of students have taken this Professor Murhpy’s courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and we have yet to hear from one student who doesn’t remember her courses fondly. Some students might talk about how much they have learned about organizations and individuals; others recall a truly exciting and inspiring classroom experience; and yet others remember Professor Murphy’s sincere care for each student’s story and their learning progress. In 2015, Professor Murphy also received the President’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 2015.

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