Since 1956 the International Congress for Luther Research has met regularly in different countries and continents.

In 2017 the congress was held in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany, and before that, in 2012, it was hosted in Helsinki, Finland. The last time Luther scholars met in the United States was in Minneapolis, MN, in 1992. 

In between the congresses, an international Continuation Committee is at work. This committee deals with the subject matters to be discussed at the next Congress and decides upon questions concerning the overall theme, the keynote lectures and the invitation of lecturers, and the seminars and the invitation of seminar leaders.

Currently, the Continuation Committee is chaired by Prof. Dr. Volker Leppin (Germany). The other members are: Prof.  Dr. Jane Haemig (USA), Prof. Dr. Armin Kohnle (Germany), Prof. Dr.  Robert Kolb (USA), Prof. Dr. Mark Mattes (USA), Prof. Dr. Marius T. Mjaaland (Norway), Prof. Dr. Antti Raunio (Finland), Prof. Dr. Ricardo Rieth (Brazil), Prof. Dr. Christopher Spehr (Germany) and Prof. Dr. Anna Vind (Denmark).

For each Congress, a Local Committee is formed to welcome and host the participants. Practical matters such as registration for the event, lodging, receptions, excursions, as well as registration for the seminars and arrangements for the short presentations, and other related services, are taken care of by the Local Committee.

Members of the Local Committee for the 14th Congress at California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, California, include Rev. Dr. Brooks Schramm (Goleta, CA; Christ Lutheran Church). Rev. Dr. Jarmo Tarkki (Solvang, CA; Finnish Lutheran Church, West of Mississippi and Mexico), Ms. Anita Finirock (Solvang, CA; Finnish Lutheran Church, West of Mississippi and Mexico), Prof. Dr. Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen (Palm Springs, CA; Fuller Theological Seminary), Rev. Steve Herder (Ascension Lutheran Church, Thousand Oaks, CA), and Rev. Melissa Maxwell-Doherty (ex officio; California Lutheran University), with “national partners” Prof. Dr. Derek Nelson (Crawfordsville, IN; Wabash College) and Prof. Dr. Deanna A. Thompson (Northfield, MN; St. Olaf College), in partnership with the staff and faculty at California Lutheran University (Thousand Oaks, CA) and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary (Berkeley, CA).

The Local Committee is Co-Chaired by Prof. Dr. Kirsi Stjerna (Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary of California Lutheran University, and Graduate Theological Union, CA) and President Dr. Guy Erwin (United Lutheran Seminary, PA). 

We welcome you most warmly!


With any questions you many have, please contact:  kstjerna@plts.edu and gerwin@uls.edu

Due to the unprecedented circumstances with the Covid-19 pandemic, these plans are made with the understanding that if modifications need to take place, they will be communicated via this website and via email to all registered participants.