Book Corner

Do you have a new book out on Luther and/or the Reformations and you would like your colleagues to know about it ? If you send via email short and sweet info about your book, I will do my best to post it here.  One book per author would be reasonable. Send it to Deadline August 1, 2022.

Miikka Ruokanen

Trinitarian Grace in Martin Luther's The Bondage of the Will, Oxford University Press, 2021.

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Ilmari Karimies

Martin Luther's Understanding of Faith and Reality (1513–1521). The Influence of Augustinian Platonism and Illumination in Luther's Thought

Ron Rittgers

A Widower's Lament: The Pious Meditations of Johann Christoph Oelhafen, Fortress Press, 2022.

Mary J. Streufert, Language  for God: A Lutheran Perspective, 2022, Fortress Press.

Language for God draws readers into the necessity of language and images for God that are expansive and inclusive of all genders. Using Lutheran perspectives as a compass, Mary J. Streufert offers scriptural, theological, and historical insights that advance Christianity's ongoing reformation of white androcentric images and language for God.  Most pointedly, Martin Luther and the Lutheran tradition render guidance in the ongoing reformation of Christian language and images for God in our day.  (Appropriate for personal and group study, church leaders, and university and seminary students.)

Language for God: A Lutheran Perspective | Fortress Press 

Kirsi Stjerna

Lutheran Theology: A Grammar of Faith, 2021, T&T Clark/Bloomsbury.

Mark Ellingsen

Martin Luther’s Legacy; Reforming Reformation Theology for the 21st century

The Western church is struggling. The neglect of theology in denominational headquarters, the pulpit, and the pews is a big part of the problem. America, Europe, and churches influenced by these locales need a Reformation! Taking Martin Luther on his own terms offers us a fresh, though ancient model for doing theology which can make it more pastorally sensitive and so more relevant than the Systematic Theology which has prevailed since the 17th century, if not since the Middle Ages! This is a book for better understanding the first Protestant Reformer on his own terms, for resolving a lot of the long-standing debates in Luther scholarship, and for helping us better assess the significance of Luther and the Reformation for Western society and for us today! You can get this book from Palgrave Macmillan for just $79.99. Advance orders to