SEMINARS will meet at the Soiland Humanities Building on campus on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday between 14:00-17:30, with a synchronized Coffee break in the middle at Overton Hall.  Specific rooms for each seminar TBA (here).
With any questions regarding the Seminars, please contact the Seminars Coordinator Dr. Brooks Schramm

As is the tradition, the Congress offers an opportunity for scholars to work in their respective seminars to advance Luther research. The seminars are led by invited scholars who set the working parameters for their meetings. Participants are expected to contribute as scheduled by the leader/s. After the Congress, summarizing reports are published in Lutherjahrbuch


These are the SEMINARS and leaders for the 14th International Congress for Luther Research: 


#1] Mari-Anna, Auvinen, “Black and Wisdom Theologies in African Lutheranism”


#2]  Lubomir Batka, “Luther in the East European Context” / “Luther im osteuropäischen Kontext”


#3] Christopher Boyd Brown, “Translating Luther” / “Luther übersetzen”


#4] Amy Nelson Burnett, “Debates over the Sacraments” / “Auseinandersetzungen über die Sakramente”


#5] Stephen Burnett, “Luther and the Jews” / “Luther und die Juden”


#6] Christiane Domtera-Schleichardt, “Melanchthon’s Academic Work at the University of Wittenberg” / “Melanchthons akademisches Wirken an der Universität Wittenberg” CANCELLED


#7] Vincent Evener, “Luther and Mysticism” / “Luther und die Mystik”


#8] Joar Haga, “Lutheran Metaphysics“ / “Lutherische Metaphysik”


#9] Paul R. Hinlicky, “Postmodern Trinitarian Theology in the Tradition of Luther”


#10] Jennifer Hockenbery, “Luther and Philosophy”


#11] Andrea Hofmann, “Luther und die Reformation und Musiktheater” / Luther and the Reformation in Music Theater”


#12] Bo Kristian Holm, “Doctrine and Consolation in Luther and Melanchthon” / “Lehre und Trost bei Luther und Melanchthon“


#13] Gordon Isaac, “Luther’s Devotional Writings” / “Luthers Erbauungsschriften”


#14] Jukka Kääriäinen, “Luther and Understanding of Mission”


#15] Martin Lohrmann, “Bugenhagen as Biblical Interpreter and Social Reformer”


#16] Piotr Malysz & Derek Nelson, “Luther on and among the Church Fathers” / “Luther als Deuter der Kirchenväter -- und als einer von ihnen”


#17] Antti Raunio, “Luther’s Theology of Spiritual Life / “Luthers Theologie der Spiritualität” CANCELLED


#18] Jonathan Reinert, Jonathan, “Luthers Passionsfrömmigkeit“ / “Luther’s Passion Devotion”


#19] Sommer, Mattias Skat, “The Three Estates in Luther and Lutheran Tradition“ / “Die Drei-Stände-Lehre bei Luther und in der lutherischen Tradition”


#20] Kirsi Stjerna & Christopher Ocker, “Luther and Religion” / “Luther und Religion”


#21] Andrea Vestrucci, “Luther and Erasmus”


#22] Andrew and Sarah Wilson, “Battling Sin, Death, and the Devil with Luther:  Global Perspectives”