Changing Tracks

Process for changing from a non-tenure-track contract to a tenure-track contract
  1. If a full time faculty member wants to change from a non-tenure-track contract to a tenure-track contract, the faculty member submits a letter to his/her department chair/program director and to the dean to make this request.
  2. The dean meets with the faculty member to discuss the process and the expectations of a tenuretrack position.
  3. The faculty member provides the following to ART:
    1. A letter of request for consideration
    2. A current curriculum vitae
    If this request is within the first 6 years of employment at CLU, the faculty member submits the request as part of a regularly scheduled review of the faculty member by ART.
  • The dean and department chair/program director each submit a letter to ART providing a recommendation for changing the contract. If this is part of a regularly scheduled review of the faculty member by ART, this information can be integrated into the evaluation already being submitted.
  • ART makes a recommendation to the Provost based on a review of the items submitted by the faculty member, the letters from the dean and department chair/program director, and past ART reviews and documents. ART may request additional information from the faculty member to make their recommendation.
  • The Provost transmits the recommendation of the ART committee along with his or her own recommendation to the President for a final decision. The decision is based on: 1) the faculty member’s qualifications and accomplishments in the areas of teaching, advising, scholarship, and service; 2) the likelihood for the foreseeable future that there will continue to be a demand for the particular expertise of the faculty member and that University resources are sufficient to support continued reappointment of the individual; and 3) consideration of the current University policy that no more than 75% of the full-time faculty may be tenured at any one time.
  • If the faculty member’s request is approved, then the Provost in consultation with the faculty member determines how much credit toward tenure is offered, if any. Once the tenure review date is determined, the timing cannot change with the exception of the opportunity to add an additional year following a family leave.
  • If the request is not approved, then the faculty member cannot reapply for at least three years.
  • When the time comes for tenure review, the faculty member follows the ART process outlined in the faculty handbook and is evaluated based on criteria of ART at the time of the review. If tenure is not granted, then the faculty member receives a one year contract and ends employment at CLU after one year