at Cal Lutheran

Adjunct Faculty Council

The Adjunct Faculty Council (AFC) is an officially recognized, elected body of the shared governance at California Lutheran University. Founded in January 2022 with the support of the Provost, the AFC identifies and supports the unique needs of the adjunct faculty.

AFC Charge
  1. Establishing channels of communication between adjunct faculty members and constituencies of the university.
  2. Increasing the visibility and participation of adjunct faculty members across the university.
  3. Providing methods in which matters of concern to adjunct faculty members may be raised, discussed and shared with university constituencies.
  4. Conducting elections for faculty senator(s) and Council members.
  5. Improving the quality of professional life for adjunct faculty members.
The 2024-25 Adjunct Faculty Council
  •  Carol Swett, Chair (School of Management)
  •  Chris Hardin, Vice-Chair (Music Production)
  •  Dr. Daniel Salyers, Secretary (Religion)
  •  Vickie V. Chen, Adjunct Faculty Senator (Mathematics)
  •  Brittney Elhard (School of Management)
  •  Dr. Kathleen Merrigan (Graduate School of Education)