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Faculty Senate

The role of the Faculty Senate is to address faculty concerns, address shared faculty interests, and support faculty welfare. The Faculty Senate represents the interest of Cal Lutheran faculty to the University President and the University Provost.

With input from its constituents and approval from the University President and the Board of Regents, the Faculty Senate administers faculty governance and bylaws, including the Faculty Constitution and the Faculty Governance and Faculty Policies Handbooks.

The Faculty Senate consists of 12 faculty members, each elected by members of their appropriate academic units and represented groups, and three ex officio positions. All of these members have equal voice and vote.

Current Members

photoChris Brown
College of Arts and Sciences

photoSharon Docter
College of Arts and Sciences, Senate Chair

photoRussell Stockard
College of Arts and Sciences

photoSheridan Wigginton
College of Arts and Sciences, Senate Vice-Chair

photoCynthia Jew
Graduate School of Education

photoJamie Bedics
Graduate School of Psychology

photoMoses Penumaka
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

photoAriana Young
School for Professional and Continuing Studies, Senate Secretary

photoVirginia Ilie
School of Management (Graduate)

photoJohn Garcia
School of Management (Undergraduate)

photoEarle Charles
Junior Faculty

photoTim Weaver
Adjunct Faculty

photoKristine Butcher
Faculty Affairs Committee Chair (Ex Officio)

photoMichael Hart
Faculty Representative to the Board (Ex Officio)

photoSebastian Carron Montero
Faculty Affairs: Equity and Inclusion Chair (Ex Officio)