at Cal Lutheran

Staff Governance

Staff governance at California Lutheran University is largely exercised through two important bodies: the Staff Assembly and Staff Senate. The bodies and their members are defined as follows:

  • The Staff Assembly is the officially recognized advisory body representing the interests and concerns of the staff community.  All staff members who are full time, regular employees, as defined by the Employee Handbook are eligible to participate in Staff Assembly business. 
  • The Staff Senate is an officially recognized, elected body of the shared governance system at California Lutheran University, alongside the Faculty Assembly/Senate, the Associated Student of CLU, and the Graduate and Professionals Student Council.

Staff Governance Timeline

Completion Date Task

Spring/Summer 2021

Researched staff governance structures and template bylaws of comparable institutions

October 2021

Shared draft documents with President Varlotta & Cabinet

October 2021

Presented Staff Governance to Board of Regents for endorsement

March 2022

Shared draft bylaws, implemented staff input and feedback strategies outlined above, and collected feedback

Late March 2022

Made revisions, legal review, and finalized bylaws

April 2022

Staff Senate nominations

May 2-6, 2022

Staff Senate elections

June 2022

Inaugural Staff Senate term began.