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General Education Task Force

To ready students for the types of complex issues they will face as employees, community leaders, partners, parents, and more, the collegiate journey must — at its core — explicitly focus as much on how to learn as what to learn; be interdisciplinary in nature, and provide hands-on opportunities to translate theory to practice.

The General Education (GE) Task Force was constituted in Spring 2021 with the purpose ofrecommending the types of GE modifications that aim to simultaneously address the needs and interests of students while focusing on faculty expectations of rigor, relevancy, scope, and application. The Faculty Assembly voted to have this important work led by the College of Arts and Sciences, and the General Education Curriculum Committee recommended a number of faculty members to serve on this task force.

Along with six faculty members, the General Education Task Force includes staff, students, and administrators. Over the course of the 2021-22 academic year, this group will review best practices, read relevant literature, and craft recommendations to create a new GE curriculum. The task force’s charge is to help the university deliver a current curriculum that helps students find their vocations and purposes, become agile thinkers and constructive doers, and live and work as engaged citizens who understand the intricacies and intersections ever-present in today’s global society.

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