Policy on Publicity


This policy is designed to give University groups, clubs, and departments an equal opportunity to gain the attention of students and employees of Cal Lutheran and to promote student activities. This policy specifically applies to all campus property. ASCLU-G elections publicity must follow the same guidelines and is additionally subject to the election guidelines stated in the ASCLU-G bylaws.

28.1 Postings are not allowed on tables in any of the dining locations on campus. Any marketing desired in these locations must receive special approval (see below).

28.2 All publicity must be sponsored by an officially recognized and approved University group, club, or department. The name of the sponsoring University group, club, or department must be included on all publicity.

28.3 All publicity must contain a contact phone number or email address.

28.4 All publicity must be individually approved and stamped by Student Life. Stamped publicity cannot be photocopied.

28.5 Publicity will be approved for a maximum of fourteen (14) days.

28.6 Only forty (40) pieces of publicity per day will be approved for any given event or marketing project.

28.7 All publicity must be removed from the sponsoring group, club, or department within forty-eight (48) hours of the expiration date noted on the approval stamp. Failure to remove publicity within this timeframe may result in forfeiture of future publicity posting privileges for the sponsoring group, club or department.

28.8 Publicity may only be placed in designated locations in the Soiland Humanities Center, Ahamanson Science Center, Peters Hall, Library, Jack’s Corner/Starbucks, Centrum, Swenson Center, and Residence Halls on the purple “Student Life” bulletin boards. Additional posting in residence halls must be approved by the supervisor of the respective building (Graduate Resident Director or Coordinator for Residence Life and Student Conduct, etc.)

28.9 No posting is allowed on windows or other glass surfaces anywhere on campus.

28.10 No posting is allowed on painted walls.

28.11 No posting is allowed on trees, flagpoles, light poles, campus maps, the Olsen Gazebo, the Enormous Luther, or any brick surface.

28.12 No duct tape may be used for posting publicity.

28.13 Sidewalk chalk is not permitted.

28.14 No posting is allowed on automobiles by Cal Lutheran policy and Thousand Oaks City Municipal Code Sec. 5-2.03.

28.15 University groups, clubs, and organizations desiring to post marketing on campus digital signage may do so by submitting graphic files or video files (45 seconds maximum length) in the appropriate format to Student Life. Contact the Student Life staff for appropriate file format information. Submissions must be received at least two weeks prior to the desired posting date.

28.16 Any proposed marketing or postings not adhering to the policy above must be submitted for special approval*. University groups, clubs, and organizations seeking special approval must submit requests including information regarding dates and proposed locations for posting or special marketing efforts to Student Life at least two weeks prior to desired marketing dates. Approval of special marketing requests is at the discretion of the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students and/or his/her designee.

28.17 Postings in locations not listed in any of the areas mentioned in the preceding portions of this policy must be specifically cleared by the building supervisor, and must adhere to all other portions of this policy.

28.18 Off campus vendors and other parties not affiliated with a University office, department, or student group are not allowed to post on campus.

28.19 For the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary campus: All postings must be stamped as PLTS Student Life. Postings in all non-residence buildings are approved by PLTS Reception. Postings in the Beasom Hall or at the Delaware Apartments complex must be approved by the Residence Manager in consultation with PLTS Student Life.

Student Life has the right not to approve any publicity if it is found in poor taste, offensive, or not in compliance with University standards and/or policy. Student Life will not approve publicity for an event that promotes the use, sale, or distribution of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, unless it is an educational event dealing with those issues. Student Life reserves the right to suspend publicity rights for a University group, club and department as necessary if this policy is violated.

*For alternative marketing requests that do not fall within the above guidelines, please submit a request two weeks in advance.