Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion

Enriching the cultural experience for all students

Culture & Justice Clubs

As a culturally diverse and inclusive campus community with a commitment to identity development and social justice, the Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion works closely with members of the Culture & Justice Clubs to support the programs and events they host throughout the year. Members are encouraged to access Center staff as they brainstorm ideas, navigate some of the challenges of being a Culture & Justice Club, and promote their events. In addition, the Center staff works with members to enhance their leadership skills as they bring an awareness and appreciation for diverse cultures and social justice to the campus community.



Armenian Students' Association

The Armenian Students' Association would strive to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of Armenian history, heritage, and culture through social, philanthropic, and educational activities. As an organization, ASA would focus on providing a space where Armenian-American undergraduates can connect with their roots, network with one another, and give back to their communities -- be it on campus, the Armenian community, or the Los Angeles Community abroad. The ASA at California Lutheran University would work with other cultural, social, philanthropic, and academic groups on or off campus to promote an appreciation of all cultures and people.

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Black Student Union

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to learn about, raise awareness, celebrate, and share with the campus the richness of Black history as well as current issues affecting the Black community and to enjoy the varied aspects of African culture in the U.S. and around the world.

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Chinese Culture Club

Our mission is to promote social networking opportunities for anyone at CLU who is interested in Chinese culture, language, tradition, arts and history. All are welcome to join us in various activities including Chinese cuisine, traditional holidays, and arts and music.

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Club India

The purpose of this club is to bring the entire Cal Lutheran community together and celebrate Indian festivals. This Club will also involve showcasing the rich Indian culture, Indian historical events, and traditions & customs that are being practiced exclusively in India since time immemorial.

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Her Campus at Cal Lutheran

Her Campus Cal Lutheran is an online hub for Cal Lutheran's women that provides content that is both a resource and a source of entertainment, highlighting campus news & events, interesting students & faculty, campus photos, fashion and lifestyle content specifically tailored for women at Cal Lutheran. Her Campus is the #1 global community for college women. Written entirely by the world's top college journalists with 5,000+ contributors and counting. features national Style, Beauty, Health, Love, Life, Career, LGBTQ+, High School, and Real World content supplemented by local content from 330+ campus chapters located at Universities nationwide and in ten countries. The Cal Lutheran chapter of Her Campus works to bring this amazing community to California Lutheran University.

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The Hillel club at CLU aims to explore and educate about Jewish culture, spirituality and ethics, while instilling positivity, equality, faith, and unity with other religions.

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It's On Us

It's On Us is a national organization dedicated to education people on how to prevent sexual assault and how to react in situations that involve sexual assault.

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Kupa'a Hawaii Club

Kupa'a Hawai'i Club is open to all Cal Lu students who are interested in learning more about the Hawaiian culture such as food, traditions, etc. Students are given an opportunity to meet new people and interact with students who have the same interests in the culture.

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Latin American Student Organization

1. As a representative organization of Hispanics and Latinos at Cal Lutheran, we are dedicated to promoting cultural awareness and unity. Our club seeks to not only provide an atmosphere where Hispanic/Latino students can develop a strong sense of identity, leadership, and participation, but to offer this experience to all Cal Lutheran students who seek to learn about the Hispanic culture regardless of their own background. Through our cultural events we intend to be a positive influence at Cal Lutheran and the surroundings by promoting diverse involvement and community service.

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Muslim Students Alliance

The purpose of the Muslim Students Alliance is to bring students of all identities together and promote a sense of community among Muslims as well as non-Muslims on campus. The mission is to organize a safe environment to have an open dialogue about Islamic faith and culture. To explore spirituality, ethics, and Muslim identity while promoting greater understanding of Islam among American Interfaith groups, and to facilitate cooperative, beneficial social action among people of faiths in the larger community. MSA stand for unity.

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PRIDE (People Respecting Individuality, Diversity, and Equality)

PRIDE (People Respecting Individuality, Diversity, and Equality) works to create a safe environment for LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning, Intersex, Asexual) students on campus while promoting equality and the visibility of universal and campus-wide LGBTQIA issues.

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The purpose of this club is to empower the Hispanic community to achieve their full educational, economic, and social potential. As a club Prospanica will seek to advance Hispanic leadership on campus and in the community. This will be done by working with the Los Angeles Prospanica chapter, exposing students to speakers from professional settings, providing networking opportunities, workshops, exposure to university centers and other avenues as needed.

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Saudi Club at CLU

The mission of this club is to introduce the history and culture of Saudi Arabia to faculty and students on the campus. The club's objective is to consolidate and strengthen social relations among Saudi students during their stay in U.S.

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Together WE Dream

Together WE Dream was created with the sole purpose of helping create a community and support group for all first-generation students at Cal Lutheran. We understand that even though we all may come from different backgrounds we are all Dreaming of a better future. Through this club we will create a community/support group, reach out to future first generation college students in the surrounding communities, and create a network of resources for students by working closely with different offices around the school. Dare to DREAM because Together WE DREAM.

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United Students of the World

The club aims to promote support and understanding of the diverse cultures of the world as well as provide a supportive environment for international students and an awareness of cultural issues on campus. We are dedicated in creating a safe and relaxing place to make friends, get to know your community, and to educate others about your culture through educational and social activities and social gatherings. The United Students of the World seeks to promote understanding and cooperation amongst all people.

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