Activate Services

Requesting aids and services is your responsibility each new semester/term. We strongly recommend you activate your DSS services prior to the start of each new set of courses.

Most accommodations do not recur automatically. Also, they are not retroactive.

If you have previously registered for support — but have not activated any services for over a year — you must contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your current situation.

Activating Process

For students who have a Cal Lutheran Letter of Accommodations (LOA), follow this two-step semester/ term activation:

Step 1: Activate through Accommodate

Log into your myCLU portal and activate through the Accommodate Software (instructions were sent to you via email with your LOA).  For step by step instructions, please view this video:  Activation Instruction Video . 

Step 2: Email your professors and electronically sign LOA in Accommodate 

Effective Wednesday, August 14, 2019, as part of the activation process, it will be necessary for both faculty and students to electronically sign semester/term based Letter of Accommodations (LOA).

You will need to email each individual professor introducing yourself and that you receive accommodations through DSS.

After DSS processes your semester/term activation request, you will receive an email notification asking you to log into Accommodate and review your semester/term based Letter of Accommodations (LOA). You will need to electronically sign the LOA acknowledging you have received and reviewed the semester/term based LOA. Please view the instructions on how to access and electronically sign a Letter of Accommodations (LOAs) in Accommodate.

Please contact the DSS Office at 805-493-3464 or if you have any questions. 


Follow up with each professor you emailed to ensure they received an email from DSS asking them to log into Accommodate to review and electronically sign your LOA. Discuss the needs you may have in class with your professor(s). 

Request and use your approved accommodations! This is your responsibility.  Find several of the Request Forms on our DSS FORMS page to officially submit your requests.  Contact DSS for assistance in requesting accommodations that do not have online request forms posted. 

Submit requests

Fill out the Accommodation Request Forms if you have been approved for and need to use:

  • Books in alternative format

 Request forms can be found on the DSS Forms and Resources tab.

All requests should be submitted as soon as possible after activating your services. 

Plan ahead

Some accommodations may take more time to arrange, so you need to discuss with us specific needs well in advance of when the aids or services may be needed.

Examples include:
  • Books in alternative formats
  • Housing accommodations
  • Classroom re-location
Update us

You are responsible to maintain a close relationship with us so that your requests can be met in a timely and reasonable way. You are also responsible to keep us aware of any academic problems or obstacles you may be encountering.

Submitting further disability information is typically not required once you are registered. However, it is your responsibility to provide us an update if there is any substantial change to the initial information you provided.

Communicating with us is crucial. We are unable to assist unless we are made aware of challenges. Please contact us to schedule a meeting if you need to discuss any changes or concerns.

If you need any special arrangements regarding your meeting, please let us know ahead of time.

If you are unable to come in-person to the Thousand Oaks campus for a meeting, we can schedule a phone or other type of meeting. Just indicate this when you contact our office.