For Faculty

Thank you to all our faculty and staff for assisting DSS to support students with disabilities.  

It's important that students who require accommodations for documented disabilities know they can seek assistance from Disability Support Services.

During the first week of each semester/ term, please inform the students in your classes that special accommodations will be addressed through DSS and they should contact us as soon as possible

A student’s participation in DSS is protected by FERPA and should be considered confidential; therefore, you should not discuss his/ her disability or accommodations with others. Be mindful that you do not bring up this topic with the student if others are around.

COVID-19 Quick Resources

Testing Accommodations-COVID-19

Our office will continue to provide some form of proctoring services for DSS students with testing accommodations. At this time, DSS will be available to provide limited remote proctor services via Zoom, but will not be providing face-to-face proctoring services except for extremely rare situations when a student might need adaptive technology etc. that is only offered through our testing rooms.

As the University hopes to return to some in-person classes at some point in the semester, we will resume some in-person services at that time.

  • If the instructor is doing a live virtual exam for the rest of the class and they are unable to proctor the DSS student extended time accommodation requirements, DSS can provide Virtual proctoring services. 
  • If the class' exam is not being proctored, the DSS student does not need to be proctored either, but their testing accommodations would still be applicable if requested,
  • If an exam will be administered via BlackBoard/ other testing platform, The faculty will be required to set up the extended test time accommodation parameters in the testing platform as DSS does not have access to set those parameters.   
  • If the instructor requires the class to complete the exam during the usual meeting time, but they are not virtually proctoring the students, it is possible the DSS student may need to work with the professor to schedule a different date/ time  to take the exam in order to not miss another class while still receiving their approved extended test time accommodation.

Accommodate Software 

Please view the following video regarding an overview of how to use the Accommodate system.   This is the application DSS students will use to officially activate their semester accommodations.   

Electronic Signature Instructions

Effective Wed, August 14, 2019, as part of the activation process, it will be necessary for both faculty and students to electronically sign semester/term based Letter of Accommodations (LOA). Please view the instructions below on how to access and electronically sign a Letter of Accommodations (LOAs) in Accommodate.

Faculty will receive an email notifying them to log into Accommodate to review a student’s semester/term based Letter of Accommodations (LOA). After reviewing the student’s semester/term based LOA, faculty will need to electronically sign the LOA acknowledging they have received and reviewed the semester/term based LOA. Faculty will receive a confirmation email after electronically signing a LOA.

For step by step instructions, please review the documents through the links below:

Electronic Signature Instructions

If you have questions or need assistance, contact DSS at 805-493-3464 or email .

Testing Request Instructions

The Accommodate Testing Module launched on Wed, Apr. 24, 2019. Students will only be able to submit testing requests within Accommodate. Professors will log in to Accommodate to review and provide exam details and also upload tests to this system when DSS proctors exams for DSS students.

For step by step instructions, please review the documents through the links below:

If you have questions or need assistance, contact DSS at 805-493-3464 or email .

Syllabus Statement

You should include the following statement in your syllabus:

California Lutheran University is committed to providing reasonable aids and services to students with disabilities in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and ADA of 1990 with its Amendments. Students can request needed accommodations for this course, or other settings on campus, by registering with Disability Support Services (DSS). Accommodations are not retro-active, and students are encouraged to contact DSS and their instructors about their disability-related needs at the beginning of the semester/ term or as quickly as possible.  DSS is located in the Academic Services building, and can be contacted at (805) 493-3464 or .

General Resources

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