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Accommodation Requests for DSS Students

  •  Testing Accommodations

DSS students needing to request an exam/quiz to be proctored by DSS with their approved testing accommodations must submit the online Testing Request through their Accommodate account. Please view the instructions on how to navigate the Testing Room Module in Accommodate.  The instructions are also available through the Resources Tab in Accommodate. 

The deadline to submit the Testing Request in Accommodate is at least 1 week prior to the proctoring date. An exception to this deadlines is for all exams occurring during the Traditional Undergrad Finals Week when the submission due date is earlier.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the COVID-19 situation resulting in virtual learning environments, students are responsible to speak to their professor well in advance about the use of their approved testing accommodations. Only the individual faculty for a course can set up extended test time in the virtual classroom, but your professor will not know to do this for you unless you specifically request to use your testing accommodations for each specific exam/ quiz. Contact DSS at DSStesting@callutheran.edu with any questions.

  • Notetaking Accommodation Request 

Note taking requests are submitted through Accommodate. When you activate through Accommodate, if note taking is one of your approved accommodations, you will see an Accessibility Accommodation Request titled  "Classroom Accommodations/Note Taking Services."  Be sure the course or courses you would like to request a note taker for are "checked off!"  After you submit your Semester Activation through Accommodate and after it is reviewed by DSS, a note taker request(s) will be submitted on your behalf for any course which is checked off.  For information on retrieving your uploaded notes from Accommodate, please view this instructional video. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 805-493-3464 or dss@callutheran.edu . 

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This website comes from the U.S. Department of Education. It helps educate students with disabilities transitioning into college about their rights, their responsibilities, and general services provided at an institution. There is a thorough section with responses to the questions typically asked by students with disabilities as they head into college.