August 23-24, 2024

New Student "Clearance"

In order to finish enrolling as a new student and register for classes, you'll need to receive "clearance". Please see below for what clearance means and how to contact the offices you still need clearance from.

It's important to check your Cal Lutheran email account frequently to be sure you receive important updates from the offices listed below.

Financial Clearance from Student Accounts

Each student is required to gain financial clearance on their student account from the Student Accounts Office to keep any pre-registered classes for the upcoming semester.

Financial clearance is achieved when four things happen:

  1. The student submits a signed and completed FERPA Authorization to the Student Accounts Office
  2. The student submits the Payment Agreement for Fall 2023
  3. The student submits the CLU Master Promissory Note
  4.  And one of the following:
    1. The student remits payment for the estimated balance due on the pre-bill, via check or cash
    2. OR The student signs up for a Monthly Payment Plan to schedule automatic payments covering their outstanding account balance
    3. OR The student’s financial aid more than covers the tuition, fees, room and board expenses

If you have completed the steps above and your Next Steps page indicates that you still need to achieve Financial Clearance, please contact Student Accounts 

Financial Aid Office Clearance

Financial Aid clearance is achieved when you have satisfied all the requirements for your financial aid package. These requirements will depend on the types of aid you have received (scholarships, grants, and loans). 

Often the requirement is regarding a missing document or an incomplete student or parent loan application.  You may also refer to your student portal to see what may be needed to finalize your financial aid file.

Because each student's financial aid situation is unique, it is easiest if we speak with you directly regarding your Financial Aid clearance status.

Please contact Financial Aid if your Next Steps page indicates that you still need to achieve Financial Aid Office Clearance.

Health Services Office Clearance

Completion of the Medical History form, Immunization History form, Meningitis Awareness form, Tuberculosis Screening Form and uploading your official immunization record is required of every undergraduate student and must be completed online at your student health portal

The following vaccines are required of all incoming undergraduate students:

  • MMR (mumps, measles, and rubella)- 2 doses
  • Td/Tdap (tetanus/ diphtheria/ with or without pertussis)- 1 dose within last 10 years after finishing the primary childhood series
  • Hepatitis B- 3 doses
  • Meningitis ACWY (such as Menactra or Menveo)- one dose at age 16 years or older

Uploading an official immunization or vaccination record to the student health portal is required.  If you do not have an official record, you may print out this Immunization Record form and have your health care provider complete and sign it.

Information regarding your Health Services clearance will be sent to your Student Health Portal. Please check the messages in your student health portal often to make sure you have completed all requirements.

If you have submitted the forms listed above and your Next Steps page indicates that you still need to achieve Health Services Clearance, please contact Health Services.