High Quality, Low Cost Health Care

Patient Privacy

We provide confidential healthcare which respects the privacy of an individual's medical information.

Health information regarding Cal Lutheran students is obtained for the purpose of reducing transmission of illness on campus and providing appropriate medical care when needed to students.

Your insurance will never be billed from our office without your knowledge. All health records are shredded seven years after you last obtain care.

Patient information

There are situations where personal medical information is made available to others for the purpose of evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic illness or to prevent illness, injury, or communicable disease.

A patient's personal medical information may be used in the following ways without the written consent of the patient:

  • Ordering diagnostic studies, which may include obtaining insurance authorizations or referrals, that have been authorized by the patient including laboratory testing and radiology procedures such as x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans.
  • Medical prescriptions for medications and medical devices and insurance authorizations or referrals if needed.
  • Ordering treatment such as physical therapy, respiratory therapy or occupational therapy.
  • Bi-weekly review of medical records by the supervising physician.
  • To place a hold on the registration of a student who has not completed the required health forms including completion of required immunizations. The reason for the hold is not divulged.
  • If a student is transported off campus by ambulance or police, the Dean of Students may be notified. The Dean of Students may contact the student's parents or guardian.
  • Notification to public health authorities who are legally authorized to receive such reports for the purpose of preventing or controlling disease, injury, or disability. An example would be reporting a case of meningitis to the Public Health Department in order to notify and treat others who may have been exposed to infection.
  • In the case of an occupational injury or illness, medical information pertaining to the illness or injury is submitted to the Human Resources office for the purpose of providing medical evaluation and workforce medical surveillance.
  • Adverse events caused by a medication, immunization, food or dietary supplement are reported to the Food and Drug Administration for the purpose of ensuring the quality, safety and effectiveness of FDA-regulated products.
  • Cases of child abuse or neglect including sexual abuse and rape must be reported to the appropriate government authority for those students under age 18 years old.
  • Health Services may be required to report to local law enforcement (pursuant to CA Penal Code 11160) if you are being treated for a physical injury caused by assaultive or abusive conduct. Health Services is not required to report this information to the university.

A written authorization from the patient is required in order for us to release personal information to any other person or facility. This includes parents of students 18 and over, family members, outside physicians, and employers.

Medical records

A patient may request an appointment to view their own medical record with a staff nurse. Any perceived discrepancies in the record may be discussed with the Director of Health Services. Records may be copied and sent to other medical providers or facilities at a nominal cost per written request by the patient.

If you have any further questions regarding your privacy or your medical information, please feel free to discuss it with any member of the Health Services staff.