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Patient Privacy

California Lutheran University Health Services is committed to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of students' health-related information. With few exceptions, information about the care received at Health Services is kept strictly confidential. To understand how we collect and use student health information as well as to understand students' rights regarding the privacy of their protected health information, we encourage you to review our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Patient information

Most of the time, a student's health information will not be shared with others without the written consent of the student. However, there are situations where personal medical information is made available to others. Listed below are some examples of when health information may be shared without a student's written consent. 

A student's health information may be shared when:

  • Ordering diagnostics studies, such as labs or X-rays.
  • Sending prescriptions to a pharmacy. 
  • Being referred for treatment, such as physical therapy, respiratory therapy, or occupational therapy.
  • Placing a hold on a student's account because they have not completed a required health form or received a required immunization.
  • Discussing a student athlete's medical clearance with Cal Lutheran athletic trainers. 
  • A student is transported off campus by ambulance or police. In such situations, the Dean of Students may be notified.
  • Notifying public health authorities about a communicable disease, such as meningitis. Health Services is required to report certain diseases to Public Health in order to notify and treat others who may have been exposed to the infection.
  • A student experiences adverse events caused by a medication, immunization, food or dietary supplement. When this happens, the Food and Drug Administration may be notified for the purpose of ensuring the quality, safety, and effectiveness of FDA-regulated products.
  • A student is involved in a case of child abuse or neglect or is being treated for a physical injury caused by assaultive or abusive conduct, including sexual abuse or rape. California law requires that Health Services' staff report these incidents to appropriate government and law enforcement agencies.  

For a comprehensive list of the ways in which a student's health information may be shared and the rights that students have regarding their protected health information, please review our Notice of Privacy Practices. 

Medical records

Records may be copied and sent to other medical providers or facilities at a nominal cost per request by the student. If you are a current or prior student wishing to disclose information contained in your medical record to a third party, please complete an online Authorization to Release Information form. 

If you have any further questions regarding your privacy or your medical information, please feel free to discuss it with any member of the Health Services staff.