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Flu Shots

Health Services will usually hold a Flu Shot Clinic in early October each year. Please watch out for emails toward the end of the September alerting you to these flu clinics.

Who should get a flu shot

The flu shot is recommended for all people 6 months and older, but it is especially important for the following people, since they are at high risk of having complications if they get the flu:

  • People 50 years of age and older
  • People with any chronic conditions such as asthma, lung disease, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes or other metabolic disorders
  • People with immunosuppression including by medications or disease (including HIV disease)
  • Women who are pregnant or who will be pregnant during the flu season
  • Children and adolescents who are receiving long-term aspirin therapy
  • Residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities
  • American Indians and Alaska Natives
  • People who are morbidly obese (BMI> or = 40)
  • People caring for those at highest risk (including children younger than 5 years of age)

Information on preventing the flu: 

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Common questions

Why should I get a flu shot?

To avoid missing classes or work and to avoid spread the flu to others. The flu is much worse than a typical cold.

Which flu shot do you give each year?

Health Services gives one type of flu shot.  It is the inactivated flu vaccine given by injection.  We do not have the nasal vaccine or the High-Dose vaccine. 

Does the shot contain thimerosal?

No. Our flu shots do not contain the preservative thimerosal.