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Science Majors Abroad

Each year nearly 200 Cal Lutheran students study abroad, and an increasing number of those students are science majors.

Biology major, Michael Foster, arrived at Cal Lutheran knowing that he wanted to study abroad. He worked with his faculty advisor to plan classes that would help him stay on track for graduation and complete a minor in Spanish. In fall 2014, Michael fulfilled his dream of experiencing a different culture when he spent a semester in Madrid, Spain with partner program, International Studies Abroad. He lived with a host family, participated in clubs with local students and took classes in Spanish.

Michael Foster

I can proudly say that studying abroad has made me a more independent person who is more aware of the differences in cultures that make foreign countries so spectacular.

Michael Foster '16

Kimberlee Jensen was studying Biochemistry when she made the decision to travel the world in spring 2014 with Semester at Sea, a Cal Lutheran partner program. While at sea, she took courses that satisfied graduation requirements and gave her an international perspective. In one such course, “Infectious Disease in Humans”, she learned about HIV/AIDS issues and participated in a field lab in Cape Town, South Africa, where she met with members of an HIV-focused NGO at Tygerberg Hospital.

Kimberlee Jensen

The educational environment is literally ‘the world’ on SAS. There were so many amazing opportunities I had to learn from all the people I met and to teach others about American culture.

Kimberlee Jensen '16

Michael is planning to attend medical school, and Kimberlee’s experience opened her eyes to the field of epidemiology; she wants to be involved with the prevention of infectious disease in developing countries.

Other topics of study for science majors abroad include:

  • Pre-Med in the UK and Denmark
  • Biodiversity in Ecuador and Brazil
  • Conservation in Costa Rica and Australia
  • Research opportunities in Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and the UK

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African Oral Tradition class
Kimberlee and her African Oral Tradition class meeting the Queen Mamas in Ghana on a field lab.
On the Great Wall
Kimberlee and friends on the Great Wall of China
Semester at Sea
Kimberlee and her friend Kelsey posing during our tour of the bridge of Semester at Sea.
Japanese Homestay
Kimberlee with her Japanese host, Tomoko, at the super market.
Salamanca Cathedral
Michael on the rooftop of one of Spain's oldest cathedrals — Salamanca Cathedral
Michael on the Segovia aqueduct in Spain.