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A Year in Provence

In the fall of 2013, Kaitlyn Webster embarked on a year-long adventure. Studying in France with Cal Lutheran's partner program, IAU College.

As a French major, Kaitlyn sought a program where she could use her French daily, challenge herself personally, and experience life in the provicial town of Aix-en-Provence.

Kaitlyn Webster

While IAU College is an American institution, their faculty was very diverse. My business professor was from the United Arab Emirates, my marketing professor was French, my education professor was British, and there were many others. Learning from people who are well-traveled and from different cultures was an enlightening experience.

Kaitlyn Webster '15

Kaitlyn took courses such as "Comparative European Education," that allowed her to teach in a French elemenary school, and "Topics in Contemporary Media," that highlighted the French perspective on news and politics. Excursions were also part of coursework, including a trip with her business class to the production facility of aircraft manufacturer Airbus in Marignane, France, to learn about their business model and observe helicopters being assembled.

Outside the classroom, Kaitlyn's language fluency was further developed living with a host family, where nightly dinners covered topics from politics to John Wayne films. The time she spent in France was "a life changing experience," that has opened new adventures for her future.

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Teaching English at the local
elementary school
Kaitlyn's roommate in her homestay digs
Carnival in Nice
Carnival in Nice