Letter from the Director

Lisa Lodberg

Why study abroad? The reasons go on and on. Just ask a returning student: "it was the best experience of my life — you just have to go!" is often what you hear.

It is my firm belief that students who study abroad become stronger students, gaining focus within their academic discipline, confidence in their studies, and clarity about a future career. They develop a greater sense of purpose and a better understanding of what global awareness is all about.

Study abroad is not without challenges and is likely to involve stacks of paperwork, puzzling visa instructions, several phases of culture shock, and a great deal of ambiguity.

But facing those challenges and overcoming obstacles builds tremendous self-confidence and independence. Students come back with a "do anything" and "go anywhere" attitude. They also develop true compassion for others, increased understanding and respect for people of different cultures, and a sense of responsibility to their community and to the world — learning outcomes Cal Lutheran has established for every graduate.

There is so much to gain from taking this step. As you plan your adventure, the Study Abroad Center is available for assistance every step of the way in making this enriching opportunity accessible to all Cal Lutheran students.

We look forward to working with you!

Lisa Loberg, Ed.D.
Director of Study Abroad