About the College

As the largest entity at California Lutheran University, the College of Arts & Sciences serves as our academic hub and provides the historical and intellectual foundation of undergraduate, liberal arts education. The College of Arts & Sciences values the diverse experiences, perspectives and knowledge of our academic community.

Our Vision

We cultivate a liberal arts learning environment that is student-centered, welcoming, and inclusive. We encourage students, faculty, and staff to explore and expand knowledge and to contribute their talents and abilities to fully engage their communities and world with integrity.​

Our Mission

Our mission is to mentor students and equip them to make meaningful contributions on campus and within larger communities. Our strong intellectual training for undergraduates is driven by dedicated faculty who innovate teaching to ignite students’ critical thinking and creativity in courses that integrate self-discovery and learning.

We honor the Lutheran tradition in higher education in the liberal arts by educating the whole person in a complex and dynamic world, encouraging students to question the status quo and engage with culturally diverse perspectives.