May 15-16, 2020

Graduate Distinctions

Honor Societies

CLU School of Management proudly hosts an affiliated chapter of Sigma Beta Delta, a national honor society in business, management and administration. Each year, the most accomplished business graduates, both undergraduate and MBA, are nominated for invitation to join and be recognized by the national organization. Invitations go only to the top achievers in their respective programs and constitute recognition for academic achievement, character, and their high potential for success in their personal and professional lives.

Significance of Hooding

The history of academic dress reaches far back into the early days of the oldest universities. Gowns were worn for warmth in the unheated buildings frequented by medieval scholars. The most outstanding feature of all academic costume, the hood, originally seems to have had three uses: as a head covering, as a shoulder cape, or, when hanging from the shoulder, as a bag in which alms could be collected or provisions carried.

In institutions of higher learning the gown is generally black in color. The style of sleeve denotes the various degrees: the bachelor's degree is signified by full-length pointed sleeves; the sleeves of the master's degree are oblong in shape and extend well below the knee, the arm coming through an opening at the elbow; and the gown of the doctoral degree has bell-shaped sleeves that may be worn open or closed. The gown worn by one retaining a doctorate is additionally distinctive by the facing down front with velvet of the color characteristic of the subject to which the degree pertains; three bars of the same material are found on the sleeve of the gown. Colors associated with different subjects are as follows:

  • Doctorate in Educational Leadership: Light Blue
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology: Gold
  • Master of Arts: White
    • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Educational Administration
  • Master of Science: Golden Yellow
    • Clinical Psychology
    • Counseling and Guidance
    • Counseling Psychology
    • Special Education
    • Computer Science
    • Information Systems and Technology
    • Economics
  • Master of Education: Light Blue
  • Master of Business Administration: Drab
  • Master of Public Policy: Peacock