Student Awards

Congratulations to all of the students who have received recognition in the form of awards, scholarships, and fellowships from the Graduate School of Education faculty.

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Educational Leadership Scholarship

More information to come.

Interdisciplinary Educational Studies (IES)

Future Teacher Scholarship

The demand for quality teachers has never been greater or more urgent. This scholarship is funded by donors to the university who want to help bring high-quality teachers to their future students.
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Manken Family Scholarship

RISE (Radiant, Inspiring, Successful Educators) Scholarship

More information to come.


STRIVE for Excellence in Educational Leadership Fellowship

Teacher Candidate of the Year (Apple Awards)



Cooperating Teacher of the Year (Apple Awards)

Teaching Credential Scholarship

More information to come.


Cal Lutheran Donor Scholarships for Teaching Credential Students

Additional Grants

Funded Programs

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