About the School

Teach one child, touch one life, and you touch a whole community.

At the Cal Lutheran Graduate School of Education, you will turn theory into practice, learn one-on-one with experienced faculty, and collaborate with public, private, and charter schools—from kindergarten through higher education—as well as other community-minded organizations.

You will pursue your purpose through both experiential instruction and personal growth in an environment dedicated to introspection and exploration, preparing you as an innovative, transformative leader.

The quality of your education is ensured by our accreditation approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.


The Graduate School of Education credentialing program is accreditated by The Commission on Teacher Credentialing Commission on Teacher Credentialing


2017–18 Highlights

About GSOEEnrolled Students

  • 269 Graduate students
  • 201 Credential students
  • 94 Masters students
  • 41 Doctoral students


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Counseling Programs:
  • K–12
  • College
Teaching Programs:
  • Elementary
  • Secondary
  • Special Education
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • K–12 District and School Leadership
  • Doctoral degrees in Higher Education Leadership and K–12 Educational Leadership

About GSOECourses

  • 25 Counselor Education courses
  • 41 Learning & Teaching courses
  • 22 Educational Leadership Masters courses
  • 25 Educational Leadership Doctoral courses


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  • 24 Full-time faculty members
  • 70+ Adjunct instructors and Supervisors
  • Increasing number of publications
Organization Members of:
  • American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE)
  • Association of Independent Liberal Arts College for Teacher Education (AILACTE)
  • California Council on Teacher Education (CCTE)


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  • More than 3,536 alumni
  • Quarterly Alumni Newsletter - ENGAGE
  • GSOE Commencement Reception
  • Examples of companies our alums work for: Los Angeles Unified School District, Conejo Valley Unified School District, Simi Valley Unified School District, Ventura Unified School District, Oxnard School District, California State University, Northridge, Las Virgenes Unified School District, Moorpark College

Community Outreach

  • Autism Communication Center (ACC)
  • California Reading and Literature Project (CRLP)
  • Center for Innovative Leadership (CIL)
  • PAGES Grant
  • Project Acabado Grant

Corporate Relations

  • 3 Departments
  • 8 Dean’s Executive Advisory Council Members
  • 30+ GSOE Advisory Board Members
  • 28 CRLP Board members