Accountable Mail

ACCOUNTABLE MAIL is mail that needs a signature and is referred to as such by the USPS and the Mail Center. When using the special classes of mail always consider that they will probably be slowed down as they logged in at each U.S. Post Office and kept track of by hand. They also require someone to be there to accept the mail piece for delivery confirmation. Additional charges apply for these services.


The registered mail system is designed to provide added protection for valuable mail. Postage insurance may be purchased to cover articles valued up to $25,000.00. Registered mail is the most secure mail the postal service offers. It incorporates a system of receipts to monitor registered articles from the point of delivery to acceptance.

** This service is not available through the Mail Center.


This provides the sender with a mailing receipt and a record of delivery is maintained at the recipient's U.S. Post Office. A return receipt provides the sender a proof of delivery, which can be obtained for an additional fee. Certified mail service is available only for first class mail. No insurance coverage is provided. A numbered label and completed receipt must be affixed to the envelope. PS Form 3800 is to be used and can be obtained at the Mail Center. This is offered for domestic mail only. 

Return Receipt Requested

Return receipt is your proof of delivery. It is available for Insured mail, Certified mail, and Domestic Express mail shipments. The return receipt identifies the article number, who signed for it, and the date it was delivered. 


This allows reimbursement for domestic mail that has been lost, rifled or damaged. Insurance can be obtained for up to $5,000.00 on the Standard Mail single piece rate. 


Express is a high premium service and requests for the use of Express mail are to be made only when there is a real need for it. Express mail is a fast service available from the USPS. It reaches all major markets in the U.S. and 84 foreign countries. Express mail is provided for the shipment of letters, documents and other mailable items, and carries document reconstruction insurance at no additional cost. Domestic overnight delivery is guaranteed by the USPS to most zip codes. It provides for a full postage refund if the item is not delivered on time in the domestic United States. International deliveries vary by country of destination.

NO GUARANTEES are offered by the USPS on International Express pieces, they have no control over foreign delivery systems; hence, there is no provision for a refund. International Express generally takes three days to be delivered. 


Most items are mailable to foreign countries; however, there are certain restrictions. It is of the utmost importance that mailers fill out a customs form, PS form 2976, and attach it to the article to inform the Mail Center and customs of the contents. If proper customs declarations and documentation are not filled out correctly the items will be impounded by customs until the addressee makes arrangements for clearance and the payment of whatever duties are required for the release of the item(s).

Another alternative is Global Priority offered by the USPS. This service speeds up delivery for a small fee, generally beginning at $4.00.