Address Standards

The USPS says that due to incorrect addresses, 33% of the mail they process is undeliverable. To cleanse the mail, the post office has implemented regulations requiring address quality standards in order for mail to receive discounts. Regulations are identified below.

Address Accuracy Requirement:

To receive a discount all first class mail, whether automation or presort, must be run through a USPS address correction method. These methods are: NCOA (National Change of Address); Address Correction Service; or an address correction endorsement must be printed on envelopes. To best serve the needs of the university and to obtain our discount, our mail is processed by a presort vendor with the above capabilities.

Address Endorsements:

There are a number of address endorsements that can be used on a mail piece. Each endorsement offers a different type of service. Some endorsements have a handling cost and some do not.


Mailers can use ancillary service endorsements to request and addressee's new address and to provide the Postal Service with instructions on how to handle undeliverable as addressed (UAA) mail. Examples of placement are on the following page.

As of July 01, 1997, these new endorsements on your "FIRST CLASS" mail piece may be used as an updating method for the Move Update standard: (Standard A rates differ.)

  • Return Service Requested. (Replacing the old Address Correction Requested or Do Not Forward endorsements.) If UAA, the mail piece is returned with new address or reason for non-delivery; no charge.
  • Address Service Requested. (Replacing the old Forwarding and Address Correction Requested endorsement.)
    • Months 1-12: mail piece forwarded; no charge; separate notice of new address provided; address correction fee charged.
    • Months 13-18: mail piece returned with new address attached; no charge.
    • After month 18 or if undeliverable; mail piece returned with reason for non-delivery attached; no charge.
  • Change Service Requested. Separate notice of new address or reason for non-delivery provided; in either case, address-correction fee charged; mail piece is not forwarded or returned, but is disposed of by the Postal Service.