Different types of envelopes are available at the Mail Center. The Mail Center provides envelopes of various sizes as well as those provided by the USPS, Federal Express, and UPS. Keep in mind that envelopes are important. Do not over stuff any envelope as it might be damaged and end up in the dead letter file. Conversely, do not place small items in an envelope that is much larger than the piece that is being mailed. The piece will move around within the envelope and may be damaged enroute to its final destination. Plan accordingly and have your mail properly prepared.


When using these envelopes the enclosures must be designed so that the address appears in the window without using a staple or paper clip to prevent slippage of the enclosure from window view. If the enclosure does not properly fit in the window, use an envelope without a window and refrain from stapling. Always make sure that only the address is in the window so not to confuse the OCR. Be sure no art work can be seen from the outside of the envelope. USPS regulations require that the window or the address be no higher than the maximum or 2 3/4" high and a maximum of 6 3/4" long from the left side of the envelope to the right.

Plain White or Manila

These can be used for all classes of mail. Please specify if it is to be shipped other than first class.


Padded envelopes contain a cushioned lining to provide a degree of safety for mailing small and fragile merchandise. These are available at the Mail Center for your convenience. With the increase in automation, all mail will eventually go through some piece of equipment. These envelopes would be best to use for discs, tapes, and anything that could be damaged by a machine.


There are a variety of envelopes at the Mail Center from the USPS, Federal Express, and UPS. They are free to the Mail Center and are available upon request.