Certified and Insured


  • Fill out top of white slip with addressee information.
  • The white part is your receipt.
  • Peel of the gummed portion of the slip behind the certified number. Affix the green half of the slip to the top of the envelope, at the right of the return address.
  • Ensure the instruction, "Fold at line over top of envelope to the right of the return address" is folded over the top of the envelope so that the green instruction is seen on both the front and back.
  • Tear white part at perforated line and hold for your records. DOMESTIC


  • Fill out the address on the front of the card you would like the return receipt card returned too. If having the piece returned to your department, ensure the proper address is used, including the department and mail code.
  • On the other side of the card, fill out numbers 3, 4a, and 4b only.
  • After all information is filled in, affix the return receipt card to the front of the mail piece; however, if it will not fit on the front without covering important delivery information, then place the card on the back. Affix YOUR address facing toward the envelope.

The same process is used for using USPS insurance on Standard Mail (A) single piece rate and Standard Mail (B) up to a limit of $5,000. Standard Mail (A) bulk mail cannot be insured.