Campus Distribution

The USPS Private Express Statutes and Letters of the Carrier regulate campus distribution of fliers. Distribution is approved on a case by case bases.

If you have a University sponsored handout to be distributed campus wide, fill out the distribution order to instruct the Mail Center who should receive it. We can send it to administration, faculty, and staff or any combination there of. When the handout is delivered to the Mail Center, we will put the proper amount of copies in each box to accommodate the requested distribution. It is then up to the department office manager to distribute it at their location.

If your distribution has individual names or departments on them, the appropriate mail code must be on each piece and arranged in numerical order. When a department has a large campus distribution, it is required that the department put the mailing in order by department mail code order. No distribution for outside organizations will be made without proper authorization from the Mail Center Manager and/or submitting department. In addition, any distributions to student boxes must be folded into thirds.

Students who receive their mail at the Mail Center have requested this service in order to decrease the continual overstuffing of boxes. Departments inserting information in student boxes must provide the employee. Departments will have supervised access in the Mail Center before 12:00 p.m.


The requirement for non-University related material is:

  • Must have prior contact with a University department
  • The Mail Center must be notified by the department of their involvement.
  • There must be a department disclaimer or statement of involvement printed on the flyer.
  • The flyer must in some way be related to the University's mission and/or benefit the University, the employees, and the student body.

The Mail Center, in conjunction with divisional Vice Presidents, have the final say in the distribution of materials. Contact the Mail Center with a sample to ensure there is no wasted time, materials, or money.

The Mail Center requires two days for campus distributions.

Mailing Hint: Plan ahead in preparing your mailing. Mail will be handled safer and faster with a better chance of getting to its destination if time is taken to plan and prepare it correctly. This guide and the Mail Center may be of some assistance in saving money and time