Bulk Mail

In order to use the University's Non-Profit Bulk Mail permit, you must be mailing mail pieces that can qualify in the United States as a Non-Profit Organization. The university must also sponsor the mail and the university must take most of the risk in the venture. Keep in mind a mailing must be substantially related to the purpose of the institution in order to qualify as non-profit. The purpose of this institution is education. No commercial advertisements will be accepted.

A mailing with a profit making organization cannot be sent out on the non-profit permit. To ensure the mailing qualifies, bring two copies by the Mail Center for approval. If questions exist, it may be better to provide the copies before the pieces are printed. There are new postal regulations on Bulk Mail vs. Non-Profit, and if there are corrections to be made, it is better to make them before the mailing is printed. They may be simple changes but need to be identified and corrected.

At the time of qualification, you will receive a purchase order number from the Mail Center which identifies the piece is qualified. The difference between regular Standard A and non-profit could be as much as two times as much than non-profit.

Please try to get the permit indicia pre-printed in the upper right corner of each envelope. Be sure to have the correct indicia printed. If it is printed at the non-profit rate and cannot qualify as non-profit, all the printing may have to be covered by a label with the correct information or discarded. Only in an emergency should the rubber hand stamp be used. This hand stamp is available for use in the Mail Center office only. All matter mailed at the special non-profit rates must identify the authorized permit holder, which is California Lutheran University. Pseudonyms or bogus names of persons or organizations may not be used. If the mail piece bears any name and return address, it must be that of the authorized permit holder. 

Follow these formats:

California Lutheran University
60 W. Olsen Rd.#XXXX
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-2700

California Lutheran University
60 W. Olsen Rd. #XXXX
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-2700

XXXX = your department specific mail code.
The full return address must be on each piece of mail in the upper left corner of the piece. 

Each mailing must consist of at least 200 pieces or 50 pounds of qualifying mail. Foreign mail, Canada and Mexico are not qualifying mail and must be handled separately. Each piece must have a zip code on it. Each piece must weigh less than 16 ounces and be identical pieces. Most machinable mail including circulars and printed letters can be mailed at standard rates.

Every envelope or flyer must be identical in size, weight, dimensions and content and must be OCR readable. They can not be a personal correspondence although a written date, name of addressee or sender is acceptable. A hand written typographical error is acceptable. All mail pieces must be secured by either sealing or tucking the flap in so that it may be machine handled but is easily accessible for inspection of contents by the USPS.

To ensure eligibility and compliance with USPS regulations, the Mail Center MUST see and approve all bulk mailings before being mailed. A Bulk Mail Authorization Form is available at the Mail Center and must be completely filled out and submitted with two copies of the mailing at least 24 hours in advance. NO PURCHASE ORDER NUMBERS WILL BE ISSUED without proper notice and paperwork. Because of strict regulations, individual departments are not authorized to submit bulk mailings to the U. S. Post Office.