For students whose academic goals are not best served by a traditional major offered in the Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals program, Cal Lutheran offers the opportunity to design an interdisciplinary major in which the student selects courses from more than one department.  Independent studies can also be included in the major.

You will work with a faculty advisor to develop a proposal for a course of study that matches your needs.

For example interdisciplinary majors may include business communication, management and organizational communication, organization behavior, and business psychology, etc.

The Interdisciplinary Major is available to current students only.  If you are a prospective student interested in this major, you must apply and be accepted into one of the traditional majors offered in the Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals.  Once accepted into the program, you may begin the Interdisciplinary Major application process.

Major Requirements

Offered as a major (B.A. or B.S.)

Required credits
  • 40 credits with no more than 30 from one department; 24 of these credits must be upper division. 
  • 2.0 minimum GPA.
Application Process
  1. Speak with the Associate Director about the application process and be assigned a full-time faculty advisor
    • Begin the application process to declare the major during the first term enrolled at Cal Lutheran or when the student has at least 60 but no more than 90 earned credits (students with fewer than 60 credits should still inquire about eligibility if interested).
  2. Work with the faculty advisor to develop an application which includes:
    • A rationale for the major, including a description of the major and an explanation of what makes the courses a cohesive major rather than a random collection of courses.
    • A list of all courses contained in the major, listed under respective departments.
  3. Submit typewritten application to the Director of the Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals
    • A faculty committee will be convened to review the proposal
    • If approved, the faculty advisor will assist the student in preparing a final contract
  4. Submit final signed contract to the Director of the Bachelor’s Degree for Professionals


Choose how you want to attend class – in-person at one of our campus locations or virtually*.

Note: Some business courses may need to be completed on the Thousand Oaks campus.

* Virtual courses pending WASC approval

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