New Student Orientation

For Traditional Undergraduates

Helpful Tips

The following pieces of advice are from other Cal Lutheran parents who have already gone through the Family Orientation program.

Things to read

Admitted Students Information - This contains important information about what your student should bring and what he or she should leave behind, along with information about Student Life, your student's residence hall room layout, class registration, and student account.

Orientation Materials - This includes move-in times along with a schedule of events for you and your student.

Parents & Families Website - Find out information about campus security and how to contact your student's Graduate Assistant, along with infomation about Family Weekend and Homecoming. Additionally, information is included about FERPA (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and various campus offices.

The Pre-Bill - Confirm any owing balance and the various payment options.

Financial Aid Awards - Your student may receive their first financial aid award or a few revisions this summer by e-mail (to their Cal Lutheran email account). They must accept any new award online.

Prepare to communicate

Plan a weekly time for phone contact and decide if you will call your student or if they will call you. This will help you hear from your student.

Collect postcards, coupons, cards, and fun items to send to your student. Receiving mail is really exciting for students.

Stock up on stamps.

Teach your student to:

  • Balance a check book
  • Do laundry
  • Sew on a button
  • Service their car
  • Clean the bathroom

Make copies of:

Send your student with a file/notebook with copies of their:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card- original needed if they want to work on campus
  • Medical Information (insurance and health records)
  • Calling Card
  • Passport
  • Also send family information: birthdays, phone numbers, and addresses.