TRAC 2019: The Representational Art Conference

TRAC 2019: The Representational Art Conference

TRAC: The Representational Art Conference is the premier international event focused on cutting-edge representational art in the 21st century – where imagination matters and the mind meets the hand. TRAC provides a platform for understanding the unique possibilities of representational art and perhaps some illumination about future directions. This year we are especially interested in the relationship between imagination and 21st-century representational art. 

Speakers include Tim Jenison, the obsessive genius depicted in the Penn and Teller film Tim’s Vermeer; Corinna Wagner, the brilliant author of Pathological Bodies and Art and Soul; and Roger Dean, the prolific creator of album covers for the rock band Yes. 

Demonstrations of sculpture, painting and drawing will be presented by Julie Bell, Brian Booth Craig, Virgil Elliott, Teresa Oaxaca, Alicia Ponzio, Scott Prior, Alexey Steele, Boris Vallejo, Pamela Wilson and others. Visits to area galleries include discussion with exhibiting artists. 

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Image: Pamela Wilson at work.


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