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Rock Pioneer Chuck Berry: Why He Mattered (Two Parts)

FABulous Spring Lecture Series

Rock Pioneer Chuck Berry: Why He Mattered (Two Parts)

A rock pioneer? Absolutely! The first of the singing Guitar Gods? You bet! An early hit songwriter? Of course! But despite all of the above, Chuck Berry's life and career was much different from his counterparts: Elvis, Fats Domino, Little Richard and Buddy Holly. This two-part lecture will examine his music, songwriting, guitar playing, attitude, lifestyle and much more. Join us and learn why Chuck Berry mattered, really mattered! As always, each lecture is independent of the other. Don't forget to bring your Rock & Roll shoes!

Tony Moon has spent 60 successful years in the Music Business. Beginning in 1960, he joined the LA group Dante and The Evergreens, which was managed and produced by Lou Adler and Herb Alpert and later moved to Nashville to become the guitarist and conductor for Brenda Lee. He also began playing on recording sessions and was Nashville's first rock independent music producer, working with five major labels. He scored several big hits for The Vogues, including "5 O' Clock World." Moon has won several awards as a songwriter and music publisher. His songs have been released by artists as diverse as Porter Wagoner, Willie Nelson, Vickie Carr, Pearl Jam and The Beatles. He currently administers several music publishing companies and a New York Entertainment Company.

The Fifty and Better (FAB) program was designed for people 50+ years of age, seeking intellectual stimulation through university level courses (without the pressure of grades) for the sake of learning and social engagement.

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