Book Talk: 'Sanctuary Cities: The Politics of Refuge'

Benjamin Gonzalez O'Brien and Loren Collingwood

Book Talk: 'Sanctuary Cities: The Politics of Refuge'

A number of U.S. cities have declared themselves “sanctuaries” for undocumented immigrants, but what exactly does this mean?

In this book talk, co-authors Benjamin Gonzalez O’Brien and Loren Collingwood explore the history and the religious roots of sanctuary policies. The authors examine how these policies have been framed in the media, the predictors of public support for or opposition to them, and their effects on crime and Latino political incorporation.

Restrictive immigration policies, they show, make 911 calls from immigrant communities less likely. In cities with sanctuary policies, Latinos are more likely to vote and to participate in the police force, suggesting that sanctuary legislation has positive effects for political incorporation.

The authors also confront claims that these policies increase crime rates and conclude with a discussion of the implications of their research for the U.S. immigration debate.

Admission is free.

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