Arts at Risk: Art Theft, Art Forgery and Art Terrorism

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Arts at Risk: Art Theft, Art Forgery and Art Terrorism

In this overview lecture, we will look at examples of art crime in its various forms: theft, forgery and terrorism.

Together we will investigate the difference between an original and a fake. Can you tell? What makes a work of art a forgery or just a copy? Forgers might leave clues behind. How do we discover them? Is art terrorism a new concept or an age old practice? How would it be utilized by particular groups or factions?

Grab your magnifying glass and join us as we examine the world of art crime: the famous steals, the lesser known incidents and the still unsolved art crimes.

Christine Maasdam holds a Master of Humanities and a BA in cultural geography. Her art studies include The Courtauld Institute of Art in London, The Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center in Washington, D.C., and post graduate studies in antiquities trafficking and art crime at the University of Glasgow. She is a graduate of the Art Crime Investigation Seminar led by Robert Wittman, founder of the FBI's National Art Crime Team. Maasdam is a member of the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection and holds a certificate from Trident Manor on protection of cultural venues. 

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